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 Here is a short story in the form of  Vampisodes


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Micaela's Shift Vampisode #1

Micaela's shift was starting soon. She wasn't sure if she should wear the black and red t-shirt with the leather sleeves tonight or to keep it light. She looked at the long sleeved white button down with her black vest and put her hand on her chin. She stood five foot five. Her hair is black as a raven’s. Beautiful dark brown eyes, olive skin and medium build. Her culture was a mix of Latina and African-American. You couldn't resist her if you wanted to.
She walked over to the large bay window and looked down towards the street. She let her head lay gently on the tainted glass and as she did this, one of the curls fell on her forehead. She paused in thought. There was a rumble growing inside her stomach. She wanted that taste in her mouth. She wanted that familiar breath against her skin. She wanted soft, wet kisses while she groped on her meal.
She turned around and fastened her sports bra and started to look for a belt. The black and red was the choice for the night as she proceeded to put her bandanna around her head. She bounced on the bed and laced up her tims. She suddenly noticed a droplet of blood near one of the loopholes. (How did that get here?) She let her mind wander. She couldn't recall when was the last time she wore the tan classics, but she figured she might as well rock them. The outfit was almost complete and she glanced at her watch. Damn. She was running late. She walked over to the chest of drawers and put on her diamond-encrusted ring and gold link bracelet. She sprayed on a little Tom Ford* cologne and made one last check around the apartment. She fixed her jeans and brushed them off a bit. She looked herself over. No plans to bring anything back tonight, she whispered to herself as she closed the door.
She called for the elevator. She had no particular taste in mind tonight. She guessed she would know what she wanted once it presented itself.
The elevator doors opened to the underground garage and she saw her baby. She did a quick once over around the yellow beast while it was warming up. She jumped in her ride with a sudden rush of anticipation. The first call came in and responded. It was uptown. She didn't usually like what that part of town provided, but at this point the hunger was so strong she was keeping an open mind. She didn’t drive at mad speed across town. She took her time. Her fare would be there. She came to a stoplight and Micaela licked her lips with an intense desire to hunt. It was the first time tonight the hunger presented itself. Micaela finally arrived at the address called in. It was a private residence and the fare was a Caucasian couple. A male and a female. They were dressed as if they were headed to a party. They entered the cab and instructed Micaela where to take them. They made small talk. They asked Micaela if she felt safe doing her job. She giggled and replied,
"I haven't had any bad experiences yet." (If only they knew...) She thought to herself.
They went on talking amongst themselves. Micaela could smell the liquor seething through their skin. She wasn't remotely interested in a threesome tonight. Still, the hunger would not subside. Eventually, they arrived at the couple’s destination. As the female exited, the male reached over the seat and paid Micaela. He thanked her for the pleasant ride and decent convo. It showed in the tip. The gentleman closed the door.
Micaela sat with the motor running putting her fare inside her wallet when suddenly there was a knock as on the window. Micaela looked around and put her finger on the window button.
There she was. Her hair was flowing in the wind. Micaela took in a huge gulp of air and was instantly aroused. Her nipples became hard. She was dumbfounded by how she captivated she was from the smell this human was giving off.
"Where you headed?" Micaela barely uttered.
"At this time of night? I don't usually go into Brooklyn after eight sweetie. But you look harmless."
"Thank you so much. I promise I won't be a problem."
The voice behind the vanilla-skinned beauty was soft and low, Micaela found it hard to focus on her next train of thought.
Micaela watched the enchanting girl enter her cab. As she sat down, it was like watching her move in slow. Micaela asked for the address. Every time the beauty spoke, Micaela got wetter.
Micaela put the car in drive and looked in her rear view mirror. Micaela was headed to Brooklyn with her fangs slowly exposing themselves.
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Micaela's Shift Vampisode #2


Hey, if you don't mind me asking what's your name?" Micaela was being coy.

"It's Cairo. And I don't mind you asking."

Micaela was able to retract her fangs. The hunger was still building, but she was able to maintain her fierce urge to tear Cairo's throat open. She wanted to open up her legs first. Micaela thought it was a good idea to take the long way to Brooklyn. She decided to read the vanilla-skinned lady's thoughts. Micaela couldn’t believe that this human was captivating her mind and body. And if she had one, her soul. Micaela kept looking in the rearview mirror. Cairo was wearing a revealing black dress that showed every curve of her body. Her breasts bounced every time the cab hit a bump. Micaela knew Cairo was the one. It was just a matter of where to eat her and dispose of her. First things first. Micaela decided she would take Cairo to The "Fruit Streets". Not only would it be secluded there, but the East River would be the perfect resting place for dear Cairo. Micaela started to drive in that direction. Micaela's mind went back to undressing Cairo on the one of the benches (I could suck and fuck her while looking at the Brooklyn bridge) available.

Cairo was busy checking her face. She pulled out her mirror and puckered her lips. Cairo reached back in her purse and reached for her red MAC* lipstick. Cairo knew she was enticing her cab driver. What she didn't expect was that she would be so attracted to her. Cairo wanted a closer look. She also wanted her driver to see what she was offering. Cairo pulled both sides of her dress at the top to make her cleavage more revealing. Cairo leaned on the seat dividing them and began to pick at Micaela's brain.

"You didn't tell me your name. That was rude."

"I'm sorry darling. It's Micaela. My bad. So are you headed to home or to a party? Uhh, sorry. If you don't mind me asking."

"No, worries. I'm headed home. It was a boring listening party I was attending. I just stepped outside to smoke for a bit when I saw George and Samantha get out of the cab. That was my chance to escape. Can I ask you a question?"


"Do you like women? I mean, do you date women?"

"Why yes I do. Do you?"

"I don't do labels. I just like what I like. And I like what I see."

Micaela's fangs started to become exposed again. She began to breathe deeply and think of her maker. The fangs receded. Micaela asked if Cairo wanted to make a quick stop. Cairo quickly agreed. Micaela sped up and told Cairo to make herself comfortable. Cairo slid back and rolled down her window a bit. The wind coming through the window blew her hair just right. As Micaela daydreamed of her meal prepping herself, Cairo closed her eyes and let the night air soothe her body. Cairo started to rub on her clit and moan softly to herself. Micaela turned on the radio. Michael Jackson's Human Nature was playing. Cairo asked Micaela to turn it up. Micaela did as she was asked. Cairo pulled her panties off and slid them over the seat. The landed on the front seat and Micaela picked them up. Micaela held them to her face and inhaled. Micaela let out a moan and swerved the cab. Cairo giggled and continued to pleasure herself. She leaned back up towards Micaela and put her fingers in Micaela's mouth.

"I'm getting ready for you, Papi," Cairo whispered to Micaela in her ear.

Cairo fell back onto the seat and pulled up her dress. Her vagina hair matched her exquisite hair that was flowing down her back. The color was a mixture of honey blond and dark brown. Her hazel eyes kept flickering as she looked upwards towards the lamplights on the highway. Micaela told her to moan louder when she was getting closer to climaxing. Cairo said she was saving that spectacular sound for her. Micaela smiled. The exit was approaching and Cairo said she couldn't wait much longer.

Micaela drove slowly down Cranberry Street. She didn't see a human in sight. Micaela did see a parking spot. Micaela quickly made her move. She parked the cab with such swiftness and backed into the spot with no issues. Micaela was eager and ready to devour Cairo. Micaela put the car in park and turned the car off.

Cairo pulled her dress down revealing her breasts. Micaela could see a vein that ran from the middle of her neck to the right side of her breast. Micaela decided this is where she would make her first bite but not her last. Micaela got out of the car and got into the back seat of the cab.

"Cairo, turn around and pull your dress up."

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Micaela's Shift Vampisode #3


Deann was so upset about the mess Vito made on the carpet. She blamed herself for staying out so late. It wasn't his fault. He was used to being walked between six and seven in the evening. Deann Cartell was a broker who worked in a large financial firm in Manhattan. She stood five foot six. Long brown hair and lovely curvaceous body. She loved everything about her body, but the magazines told her she was overweight. The models didn't look like her. Yet, she wasn't ashamed of her weight. She was confident and beautiful. Besides, as far as she knew men loved a woman with a little meat on their bones.

Deann walked her precious Havanese down Cranberry Street. Two blocks from her house. She hoped Vito would do his "business" soon. It was a bit chilly outside tonight and there weren't many lights on Cranberry. Vito stopped at a pole and relieved himself. As Deann looked across the water, she pondered on the happenings of the day that had passed and how busy her schedule was all week long. She wondered if the young man that stared at her cleavage during the monthly meeting today would ask her out. He was young, educated, and so handsome. It made her wet to think about him. She felt shy. The thoughts in the back of her mind seemed to seep through and make her self-conscious. Maybe she was too curvy for him. Maybe she would get up enough nerve to ask him out.

He did keep staring at me. He smiled every single time I looked his way.

Deann pulled at her coat and rubbed her hands together. Vito appeared to be done and Deann was anxious to get back to her home to call her girlfriend for advice.

Suddenly she looked down the street. The bouncing of the yellow cab caught her attention. She squinted her eyes to sharpen her focus. Vito started barking. She snapped at him to quiet down. Deann pulled at his leash and started towards the car.

This isn't any of my business. Why is that cab bouncing? I can't see a thing!

Deann started towards the car with a quickened haste. She was practically dragging Vito at this point. The car was bouncing and rocking. Deann wondered why no one was hearing the loud noise as the car jumped up and down. It was late after all. The streets were empty and there wasn't anyone else around. She managed to get close enough to see an outline of a person. The windows were fogged up so she couldn't see inside clearly. She stood there for a moment in a trance. Vito was barking incessantly. Deann finally snapped out of her intrigue and reacted to Vito. She spoke sharply to him to be quiet. Vito whined and calmed down.

Blood splashed on the back window and a hand smeared some of it, as small fingers slowly slid out of sight. Deann screamed out loud and backed up. She tripped over Vito and got entangled in Vito's leash and fell to the ground. Deann was panicking and pulling at the leash. Every time she tried to free herself, Vito yelped and barked. Deann was so preoccupied with untangling herself she didn't see Micaela standing over her. Micaela's eyes were red and there was blood all over the bottom half of herself. Micaela licked her lips and pulled Deann up by her collar. Deann started to shake. Vito's barking was loud and constant. Micaela spoke in a low tone and Vito immediately quieted down. Micaela drew her attention back to Deann who was frozen and could not move.

"Why hello miss thang? You are quite pretty. What's your name?" Micaela said slowly and with a snarl on her face.

"DDDDDDeannn". Deann managed to stutter out.

Deann's eyes were fixated on the image before her. Micaela's hands were full of blood and her grip was tight on Deann's coat as she jolted her to her feet. Micaela's fangs were exposed as she stroked Deann's hair. Micaela leaned in and began to kiss Deann. The blood that was dripping from Micaela's face was transferred to Deann's lips. Deann was in shock. She didn't know what to do and was frightened. Very frightened. Deann couldn't stop looking into Micaela's eyes. She didn't focus on the blood.

She's never seen so much blood on someone's face and hands. What was she doing inside that cab? What is she?

She looked over Micaela's body. There was blood on the front of her shirt.

Micaela hadn't removed her late night snack from the cab yet. She knew it had to be done soon. There was a small matter to deal with at the moment. The full- figured girl saw a little too much. What to do with the voluptuous girl once she got rid of Cairo...

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Micaela’s Shift Vampisode #4


Micaela’s kiss entranced Deann to the point of passing out. Micaela had two choices. She could kill the lovely full-figured girl with the cute dog or give her “the gift”.

There wasn’t anyone on the team that looked like her.

Micaela stopped kissing Deann and released her from her grip. Deann staggered back and gently wiped her mouth.

“Did you not like my kiss sweetness?” Micaela hissed out.

“Uhh. I don’t know what…who are you?”

“Excuse me. Let me properly introduce myself. My name is Micaela. Pronounced Ma-Kay-La. Do not be afraid.”

Deann was holding on to Vito’s leash so tight, she didn’t realize Vito was lying down on the ground. Quiet and motionless. There was a slight breeze in the air and it swirled around Deann’s shivering body.  Micaela had Cairo on her mind.

Poor thing…

“Well love, I have to dispose of something inside my car. This might sound presumptuous of me, but after that, I would like to talk to you for a bit. Where do you live?”

Deann thought to herself. Is she insane? We are in the middle of the sidewalk. I don’t know her and she wants to talk to me? For what purpose? Yet, Deann seemed powerless to achieve any strength to resist this woman. Deann pointed back towards the direction she just came from. She still couldn’t understand why she was responding so quickly to her request. Everything inside her was cautioning her to pick her precious dog and run. Run as fast as her legs could go. The fear that was growing inside her was preventing her from moving from that very spot. It was like her legs were cement and planted inside the sidewalk where she stood. She looked behind Micaela and saw a stream of red line. It was crawling slowly out the bottom of the cab door. A tear started to streak down her face. Micaela noticed and walked towards her. Micaela took her thumb and softly wiped her tear away. Micaela was face to face with Deann and smiled as she looked into Deann’s eyes. Deann could smell the blood that had dried on Micaela’s face. This was the first time she was actually looking at her with some clarity. Deann started to slump to the ground.

Thankfully (and to Micaela’s surprise) Deann’s mind was open enough for Micaela to read her thoughts. Micaela retrieved the information she needed to take Deann to her apartment. She picked Deann up and managed to open the cab door. She placed Deann inside and slammed the door shut. Micaela went to the driver’s side and climbed into her cab and took off into the night. Micaela checked her watch. She had two and half hours left to dump Cairo’s body and take Deann to her home before dawn. Micaela drove around for a bit. Micaela knew the area like the back of her hand and suddenly remembered an empty lot close by. She turned down a dark street and saw the empty lot by the Hudson River in the distance. Micaela approached the parking lot with caution. She parked the car and turned off the engine. She looked at Deann who was still unconscious. Micaela got out and opened the back door. She stared down at the face stained with tears and blood droplets on her cheeks. She didn’t realize that Cairo’s throat was slashed open during her feeding. The flesh from her neck was hanging and her eyes were still open. Micaela was so ravenous. She didn’t realize the damage she had done to Cairo. Micaela thoughts inside her head- the clean up from this episode were going to be tedious and tiresome. As she shrugged her shoulders she couldn’t blame anyone but herself. Micaela scoped the area out and there wasn’t a soul to be found. She stood quietly for a moment to see if she could hear any voices in the near vicinity. There were none. Micaela felt safe enough to get this done and get out of dodge in a hurry. In the horizon over the bridge, the sky was still black but there was a slight hue of orange amongst a small grouping of clouds. Time was of the essence. Micaela scooped Cairo into her arms, kissed her on the lips, and closed the door with her foot. As she carried the corpse of the beautiful girl, she thought about how good the sex was.

I go through so many girls. I wish there was one that stood out that I could make my own.

The Vampire Cabbie laid Cairo’s body on the ground beside the river and looked around for a heavy rock.  Blood wasn’t seeping out so Micaela didn’t worry about traces of plasma left behind. Besides, no one was going to be able to trace anything back to her anyway. Micaela was confident in this area. She looked around and thought to herself she should have pushed Cairo over the bridge. Then Micaela wouldn’t have to worry about weighing Cairo down.

At this point, Micaela thought, I’m overthinking this. Time is running out. I need to get moving.

Micaela noticed a boulder large enough to weigh Cairo’s body down. She raced back to the cab to check on Deann and open the trunk. There was wire left from a job she had done uptown. She grabbed and went back to tie it to Cairo’s feet and the boulder. Somehow it worked. Micaela took one more look at Cairo and closed her eyes. Micaela tossed the boulder into the water and watched Cairo slowly sink. Micaela pulled out a pack of cigarettes from her jacket and took one out. She lit a cigarette and nodded her head. She looked at the ground where the body was placed and very little blood was visible. Micaela dashed back to the car and glanced at her watch again. One hour left. Deann’s apartment was only ten minutes away. Micaela would have to clean the cab tomorrow night. She was upset by this thought. The longer the blood stays in the seats, the harder it is to get out.

Vito was still quiet on Deann’s lap as Micaela arrived and parked in front of Deann’s building. Deann started to open her eyes. Deann’s vision was fuzzy. She rubbed her eyes and tried to gather her thoughts. Deann looked around and then fixed her eyes on Micaela.

“Shall we go upstairs now gorgeous? I can’t wait to get you inside.”


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Micaela’s Shift Vampisode #5


Deann sat in the car bewildered but anxious to get inside her house. She wasn’t sure what happened. However, she was thankful her baby Vito was subdued and strangely calm.

“I’m curious to learn where you live. I hope I haven’t frightened you.” Micaela said.

“I’m still wondering how I got in the car and why I can’t remember anything? For the life of me, I was doing just fine until I…”

Deann started to rub her forehead.

“Well let’s get you up and inside your humble abode. Maybe you will recollect what happened.”


Deann’s memory was slowly making its way from fuzzy to clear as a bell. The last thing she remembered was walking Vito and noticing a car bouncing in the distance. Suddenly, a knowing fear crept up inside Deann’s throat. The images of what transpired came like a flood. The fact that she wasn’t able to move her body and seeing a strange substance coming from inside the car. Then suddenly Vito stopped barking for no apparent reason.  Things starting to become very frightening to her. Deann didn’t want to let this woman inside her house. And yet, she was intrigued by her presence. She gazed over at Micaela and stared at her for a few seconds. Micaela seemed on the tomboyish side and Deann found her attractive. Deann wasn’t gay, but she did wonder from time to time what it would be like to make love to a woman. Micaela by this time was outside of the passenger side of the car and opened the door. Micaela held her hand out for Deann to take hold of. Deann shook her head.

Why am I thinking of this stranger this way? What the hell is going on?

Deann climbed out of the car with Micaela’s hand in hers. Deann managed to pull her keys out of her coat pocket and looked at Micaela and forced a small smile.

“I don’t know why I’m letting you in. Maybe you have a spell over me.”

“I will explain what is affecting your judgment shortly. I won’t lie to you and all will be revealed.”

Deann called for Vito and he jumped into her arms. Deann proceeded to walk towards the building of her apartment with Micaela closely in tow. Deann opened the front door and waved to the door man. He tipped his hat. Micaela never raised her head to be seen. walked up a flight of stairs and arrived at her door.  She held Vito tightly against her full breasts. Once she opened the door she put Vito on the floor and he ran to his bed in the corner of the living room. Micaela stood outside of the apartment. Deann looked at Micaela and tilted her head.

“Well isn’t this what you wanted? Come in.”

“Are you inviting me into your home?”

“Yes. It’s late and I need to get up in a few hours."

Deann looked at the clock on the stove in the kitchen.

"Oh, my gawd. Is it four thirty in the am? What happened? Micaela is it?” Deann was confused and in shock.

“Okay so have a seat. If you have any wine, I suggest you pour yourself a glass.  Sunrise is coming and I need to explain what happened in a hurry.” Micaela was growing impatient.

Deann went into the kitchen. Turned on the light. She took a glass out of the cabinet. Deann went into her pantry pulled out a bottle. She went to the drawer and pulled out her wine opener and uncorked the bottle.  She quickly poured herself a glass of Merlot. Micaela sat down on the tan colored couch and she scoured the apartment. She looked at Deann’s pictures and smelled if anyone else lived with her. The only smells Micaela came up with were Deann’s. Deann came and sat beside her and took small sips of the Merlot.

“Alright love. Here is the jest of it. I’m a Vampire. I make my living by driving my cab at night. I also find my victims along the way. You just pondered upon my last feeding for the night. I love your face and I think you would make a beautiful addition to the nest. There are quite a few us in Brooklyn, but none that look at lovely as you. I must admit I was drawn to you the minute I saw your body.”

Deann dropped her glass and started to scream. Deann stood up. Micaela exposed her fangs and looked deep into Deann’s eyes. Deann stopped screaming.

“Sit down sweetheart. Calm down.”

“Now, this won’t hurt too much and say goodbye to Vito. You won’t be able to bring him where you will have to sleep. You can speak freely.”

“Let me see if I understand you. You want me to become a vampire?  It’s not that I’m not utterly terrified but I don’t seem to have control over all of my facilities at the moment. Except for the fact I can tell you how ridiculous and insane this sounds. I’m assuming I have to give all that I have up so you can be selfish because you find me attractive? I have a life. A job I love. I have a family. FRIENDS! I can’t believe this.”

“First of all, you are weak. You don’t have enough guts to ask a man you want to fuck out for fucking coffee. Being a vampire will bring you any man or woman you want. We don’t have any full-figured women in the coven. You are lonely and you want more. I can feel it. Let me make you one of us.”

Micaela pulled Deann close to her and kissed her lips. Deann surrendered and grabbed Micaela’s breast. Micaela pushed Deann down on the couch and looked at her watch. She had thirty minutes to turn Deann. Micaela ripped open Deann’s shirt. Micaela pulled Deann’s pants off and pulled her silk panties down. Micaela licked her fingers and slid them inside Deann’s wet vagina. Deann was feeling dizzy and let her guard down even more. Micaela kissed Deann’s neck and licked her lips. Micaela pulled one of her breasts out and started to suck on it. Micaela could feel Deann coming close to climaxing already.

“Do you want to see what the night offers sweetness?”

“Yes. Yes.” Deann groaned.

Micaela tilted her head back and plunged her teeth into Deann’s neck. Micaela gulped Deann’s blood down her throat. She drank fiercely and quickly. Deann became weak and her body grew limp. Micaela took her teeth out of Deann’s flesh and placed Deann’s head on the small decorative pillow. She raced around the apartment and decided they had to stay there until tomorrow night. Deann’s walk-in closet was big enough for the both of them. Micaela drew the curtains and found some dark towels in the bathroom. She stuffed the cracks she thought the sunlight might get through. She went back to Deann’s dying body and told her to sit up. Deann didn’t respond. Deann was near death. Micaela listened to Deann’s heartbeat and waited until it was barely beating. Micaela sliced open her right wrist and opened Deann’s mouth. Micaela pushed her wrist into her mouth and forced Deann to drink. At first, Deann didn’t budge. Then she took hold of Micaela’s wrist and started to drink. Micaela knew the change was going to make Deann’s body go into convulsions. The sun was on the rise. Micaela carried Deann’s body into the closet. Micaela went into the kitchen and found the dog food. She didn’t need Vito to go hungry or bark unnecessarily while they slept. Micaela went and picked Vito up and looked into his eyes. Vito was in a trance. Micaela placed the dog back in his bed.  Micaela returned to her new vampire and slammed the closet doors shut.


Micaela's Shift Vampisode #6

Sunlight was creeping away from the patterns it was making on the floor. Micaela's eyes started to open slowly. She felt drunk and out of place.  Micaela's lips were still stained from her midnight snack.