Darlene B.

The Author and much more

So excited...

Hey Dawn Loves,

Tonight I reached another milestone. I completed my first interview. It took a little tweeking, but rest assure I am very pleased with the outcome. I am so grateful that this author chose to be the first "author of the month." I am literally crying as I write this. There are so many dimensions to me and my brand, and I have only just begun my journey as an human being with many interests. 

By the way, I just saw Bruce Jenners interview. As he goes through the most difficult decision of his life, I applaud his courage and strength to open his life for the world to see. Some will mock him, say hurtful things, and even go as far as disgracing him and his legacy.

I for one won't be that person. I am proud of how he is living his truth and I am beside myself at the fact that he will finally be happy with the image staring back at him in the mirror. I hope someone out there in the world will be inspired and know they are not alone. 

Be well...