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Hey Dawnettes

Today has been a little difficult. My mind is always racing and I have so many ideas, it's a little hard to contain all of them. As the weekend draws closer, I'm trying to keep calm and give myself permission to just breathe. My partner and kids are patient. They try to give me space and time to do what I really want to do. Write. But they want my attention. I need to balance work and home. I am starving right now but I need to blog. Check on my social media accounts. At this very moment my only thoughts are to have a grilled cheese sandwich and watch Boxtrolls. (I love cartoons.) I did get some things done this week. Important things for my career and my relationship with my partner. It isn't easy. Although when I put my headphones on and listen to my music, I'm transported into another world. I'm at peace. I can write and be productive. Checks and balances my friends. No rants this week. I'm too busy being thankful.

Until next week loves, stay blessed, positve, and know that every new day is an opportunity. An open door to new ideas and a fresh start.


Be well...