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 Robert J. Moore

Robert J. Moore




1.  Tell us in a few words the premise of your current novel.

‘Till Death Do Us Part is a novel about a woman who dies in a plane crash with her husband.  She searches Heaven and its suburbs looking for her husband only to find out her first husband who was murdered has been waiting for her. Listen to My Kaleidoscope is a collection of short stories about life, love and the appreciation of people. The characters are based on people from my life and each story has a lesson and a twist.

 2. Where do you write? Do you have a special place or area specific for writing?

 I can and do write anywhere. It could be in a cozy spot in the house or on my phone  while in a grocery line.


    3. Tell us in a few words about the path that lead you to start writing...           

    My second-grade teacher rejected my public proposal. I saw a movie where a guy got over a broken heart by writing poetry. I decided to do the same. Teachers noticed my writing and encouraged me to write. It wasn’t until a serious health scare that I decided to really write.


    4. Do you have an opinion on traditional publishing vs. self- publishing? What have you discovered?


    It depends on the writer and what you want. Traditional publishing is the road to “the life.” But you get less per book and  you lose control of your project.  “The life” isn’t guaranteed even if you are traditionally published. Self-Publishing is saturated and fame and fortune probably won’t find you.  You do get more money per book and you have total control.  Self-Publishing can be a stepping stone to traditional  publishing.  Self-Publishing will show who is really about their business and who is willing to grind and grow.


     5. Do you have a favorite author?

Anne Frank, C.S. Lewis, and Charles Dickens are my all-time favorites.   Currently, I have a few authors I love.  Darlene Burns, Regina Geither, Daniel Vasi, and Kelly Lowe are a just a few of the authors I enjoy.


    6. What are you most passionate about?

    In my life, God comes first. Writing and my wife are next. I’m not sure which comes second.  The wrong answer may cost me half my stuff.


    7. What are you currently working on and what can we expect in the near future?

   There are many things coming down the road. Right now I’m working on a top secret project I’ll call C.I.C. This will be available  in 2016 or 2017. Next is my last collection of short stories which will  be available 2016. I’ll have two YouTube channels starting next year and I’ll continue to do work in the community.  MooreWriting Publishing will also continue to be a sponsor for the Northeast Ohio Christian Writers Conference. I’ll also continue serving as Vice-President of the International Writers Association. I am also instructing a youth group called SMBC Literary Youth Group.


 Before we end this delightful interview, do you have anything to add or  want your audience to know about you?


    Make sure to listen to my podcast called “The International Writers Association Podcast.”  Try my books, I think you just may like them.


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Mzeye Love




                                                   Author of the Month

 Hello Fam! I am very excited to present to the world a small piece of her world  according to her, and what makes her tick. Thank you so much for letting me have      the privilege and honor to conduct and publish your interview. As always,

  Be well…



1. Tell us in a few words the premise of your current novel.        

The premise of my novel Red Light Special is based on short Erotica love stories. I wanted it to be more intimate, adventurous and about partnership. Sometimes we read Erotica with one-night stands, but I wanted it to be more risqué and about love and marriage, exploring with your partner.


   2. Where do you write? Do you have a special place or area specific for writing?

   I have a den area where I write that has an open area where I can look at the trees and that has a lot of natural lighting. I love a good place to write with a relaxing view of nature, and bright light it helps me focus.


  3. Tell us in a few words about the path that lead you to start writing. 

   Since I was younger I started writing music and short stories. I always loved the idea of creating an image through writing. My mind is so creative and adventurous I just have to write it down on paper. Writing makes you think, and it gives the reader a mental stimulation.


 4. Do you have an opinion on traditional publishing vs. self-publishing? What have you discovered?

   I think self-publishing allows you to market and network your project how you want it, and not how someone else wants it to be. It gives you the freedom to be more creative and do your own hard work, and research. Traditional publishing is good too because it helps you reach a wider audience.

5. Do you have a favorite author?

   Currently, I don’t but I have many books I love reading. My favorite books are My Bloody Life and The Color Purple amongst other spiritual books.


6. What are you most passionate about?

   I’m passionate about love and helping others to excel and guide them to the right path in life. I love motivating others and showing them the way of life. I’m also passionate about art and drawing.


7. What are you currently working on and what can we expect in the near future?

   I’m currently working on my second book that I want to eventually turn into a TV series.


Before we end this delightful interview, do you have anything to add or want your audience to know about you?


I want to add that empowering others and working together helps us all move forward and get ahead. I’m open to meeting new people and networking as a team.

 You can reach me on FB at Mzeye _Love, Instagram at Mzeye77 and Twitter Mzeye_Love. Peace and blessings.


                                         ELISIA COLLINS

                            ~ CEO and Founder at Sunfire Talent ~

Tell us a little about yourself...

I am Elisia Collins CEO and Founder of Sunfire Talent LLC.  Sunfire Talent is an internet based Talent Scouting Agency and also a Talent Resource site. My Internet sites are focused on generating mass exposure for every-day people with amazing skills. I gain my work experience by helping my entrepreneurs develop their own media projects. My main mission is to help my talented clients reach their full career potential on a global level. Sunfire Talent LLC has gained amazing online fan base in places like America, Indonesia, Japan, London, Mexico, France and the list goes on.                 

What prompt you to start your agency?

While I was working for my fellow Entrepreneurs I was able to gain much knowledge about Television and Media Productions. While working on my College Discussion Tours, I was able to talk to the general public. I was able to hear the good and bad Judgments on how they felt about the music business and the direction it was going in. Based on the views of the general public, I was able to sit down and design a company that benefits everyone's needs on a daily basis. My social media sites are purposely designed to help all types of talent with the resources they need to reach their personal goals.                                                                     

What kind of clients are you looking for?

I wanted to open doors for all types of talent. My company goes beyond just helping singers and dancers. My sites give global exposure to Actors, Athletes, Authors, Dj's, Dancers, Models, Poets, Rappers, and the list goes on. All a client needs to sign up is to have a bio and a way to view or hear their talent to be showcased. Age and nationality does not matter on my sites. I am to help my clients continue on their road to success.


What have you learned so far from being your own boss?

I am having a blast working on my first big project with Sunfire Talent. I enjoy watching my social media sites grow. I am learning what it takes to do a worldwide company. Daily, I am learning what different countries like based on my analytics. For Example, one country may like reading the blogs only and other countries may prefer to watch the video's only. Some countries may prefer learning about Celebrity success stories and biographies. I am basically staying very flexible and giving a little of everything that everyone wants to see daily.        


Who would you like to have as a client living or deceased?

Well, If I only could chose one it would be the Legendary Tina Turner. Her music ranges from R&B, Soul to Pop Rock. She has sung all over the work and is an American success story. She not only a great singer but she is also an author, dancer, and a choreographer. Plus, she has helped a lot of people with her spiritual teachings. Tina Turner is most definitely my dream client.


When did you decide to start your business?

My Company was officially started in November of 2013 as a small project helping a few people. It seemed to grow overnight. I finally decided to launch Sunfire Talent LLC to the world February of 2014.


What motivates you?

What motivates me is seeing my clients from my business sites making the progress they wanted with their career growth. I enjoy getting the thank you emails and cards from past showcases. A lot of my past talent features do reach out to me andI am able to re-feature a lot of my clients based on their new events and projects that they are apart of.


What are your hobbies?

Well, when I am not scouting for talent, I am usually in writing mode. I am always writing something new. I enjoy writing poetry, songs, and movie and stage scripts. I am learning the in and the outs of Radio and TV hosting. I was once in a Band called the "Raid" so singing hobby I really enjoy.


Who inspires you?

What truly inspires me is hearing the "Rags to Riches" stories of how celebrities made it in the business world.  For example, people like Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson and the list goes on. It is truly inspiring to hear how someone can go from having nothing to have and running success business. Knowing that these people were successful inspires me and allows me to keep going.


Before we end this lovely chat, is there anything else we should know about you?

Yes, I have a few up and coming projects I am currently working on. For example, I am working on setting up a program to feeds and clothes the homeless this winter. I am working on doing Sunfire Talent Shows for Kids and Young adults. Also, I am working on expanding Sunfire Talent into TV/ Online Streaming in the near future. I want to reach out and help as many people as possible.           


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NYGTV is a You Tube based web series that launched in September 2014.  It’s the 1st lesbian web series based in New York. 


Name of channel on Youtube-



List of characters-

Mya, Cameron, Stacy and Tye (Main characters) Peyton

Jessica, Ace and Sam (Supporting characters)


Premise of show-

NYGTV follows a group of lesbian women who each share a common interest: love and relationship issues.  Blended with sexual scenes, intense dialogue and clever comedy, NYGTV remains YouTube’s most provocative web series.


Where is the show filmed and based in-

New York, New York.  We mainly film in Manhattan & Brooklyn 


Creator, Writer, and Director-

Amira Shaunice


Tell us a little about yourself…

I knew at a young age that I wanted to be in the TV/Film industry.  If I wasn’t acting, I was writing scenes and playing them out with my Barbie dolls (LoL). In high school, I participated in many extra-curricular activities to get familiar with editing and directing and eventually traveled to Atlanta where I received my Bachelor’s degree in TV and Film from Clark Atlanta University.  After releasing my first fiction novel Silence, I was inspired to pursue my dream of being a screen writer, thus New York Girls TV was created. 


Why did you decide to do this show?

As an aspiring screenwriter and lesbian living in New York, I felt it was necessary to portray the lesbian scene in a way that no other web series has done.  NYGTV wasn’t created just because or popularity. I’m doing what I love.  There’s a strong passion behind the NYGTV brand.


What is the most challenging thing about producing this show?

The most challenging would be the lack of financial funding.  It can be a challenge paying for everything out of my own pocket, but I would give my last dollar to NYGTV. I like to consider it as an investment.


What do you what your audience to take away from this show?

 The audience sees how NYGTV characters handle relationships, but as we enter Season 2 it was extremely important that I show why these women behave the way that they do.  I want the audience to understand how much your environment, social status, and even your childhood impacts how you behave in relationships.  The audience will want to either improve or end a bad relationship after this season lol.

Social media outlets-

Twitter: @sick_writer_

Facebook/Instagram: AmiraShaunice


Please check out the second season of NYGTV!!