Darlene B.

The Author and much more

Do you review manuscripts?

Due to legal and liability issues, I cannot review any manuscripts or collaborate on anyone's  project at this time. I love to interact with other authors and exchange ideas. However, when money or plagiarism gets involved it becomes an issue.

when is your birthday?

My birthday is September 29th. 

what tips/advice would you give an inspiring writer?

If you are lucky enough to have a publisher who wants to sign you, please have a lawyer read your contract. Make sure you understand every single word and the consequences of signing said contract. What your options are and what you are entitled to after the publishing company takes their cut. On a positive note, write without restriction. Write with the idea that you will never make a dime. Write with passion and always have your work edited by a pro!

what are you interests outside of writing?

Reading, swimming, TV (certified junkie) collecting  & repining on Pinterest.


why do you write about vampires?

One of the main reasons why I choose to write about a supernatural creature, is because the "traditional" idea or concept of Vampires is very misogynistic. I wanted to bring a fresh approach and new perspective on a fictional character. 

what inspires me to write?

One of the main reasons why I write is because I love telling a story. I love putting a twist on what seems "normal" and stretching the imagination of the reader with my words.

how can i get an autographed copy of your book? 

If I have a book signing, I will make sure to sign every copy while I am at the event. I will have limited editions sold with my signature in them. Once those are gone, you will have to catch a current contest or giveaway.