Darlene B.

The Author and much more

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I woke up to to a sunrise this morning.

Sunlight peeked thru my shades, hit my tears and reflected my

pain onto my pillow

The sorrow in my chest has subsided a bit

since I realized the other side of the mattress was cold.

I don't dream of happy endings.

That stopped the day I saw the glimpse of sparkle in your eyes

as you looked at her in line at the grocery store.

Still bitter...

I'll be better




My fear of the unknown and loneliness

swirls around my fingertips

My temples pump with frustration

as I try to find my peace within.

All to show her, I adore her

Life is nothing without the comfort of

knowing someone cares  about you.

The air is cleaner when I'm  with her

My waves crash against her shore

She depletes and replenishes my energy

all at the same time.